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Bresara Window Cleaning LTD.

We opened our doors for business in 1978 and have been growing steadily since then.

Today, as we continue to expand, we have become one of the largest window cleaning companies in Manitoba. In addition to providing our services to residential and commercial customers in and around Winnipeg, we also send crews to Brandon, Manitoba and Thunder Bay, Ontario (and points in between) several times a year to service our clients there.

The main reason we believe, for our continued growth and success, has been our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as providing quality and reasonably priced service. Continuing to provide these, is vital to our future, and as such is treated very seriously.

Our aim is to be the most professional window cleaning company in Winnipeg and with that in mind we will hire only the very best window cleaners available to be a member of our team of professionals.

Our mission is to progressively bring the business of window cleaning to the same level of recognition as other service trades. Our workers are no less qualified than other construction industry trades.

We hold ourselves up to a very high standard of service and safety requirements, that require trained and experienced professionals to maintain. We are very proud of our reputation and our accident free history.

Serving Winnipeg for Over 30 Years

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